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Are your systems geo-literate ?

Published by softwareelegance on March 23, 2015, 3:59 p.m. filed under Geospatial Systems

Lest you be geo-illiterate

This is the introduction to a coming series on GeoLiteracy otherwise called Spatial Awareness.

Geoliteracy is the ability to use geographic understanding and spatial reasoning to make decisions.

"In our modern, globally interconnected society, it is more important than ever that people understand the world around them. The introduction of high-yield, low-impact agricultural practices, early-warning systems for national defense and natural disasters, and the preparedness of our children to have systemic understanding, geographic reasoning skills, and systematic decision-making capability are crucial for our society. Geo-literacy can reduce the costs of bad decision-making and provide the foundation for positive breakthroughs" National Geographic

According to ESRI geo-literacy is preparation for making geographic and far-reaching decisions. Geographic decisions are decisions about location or transportation; far-reaching decisions are decisions that have remote consequences. Geo-literacy requires three abilities:
  • The ability to reason about human systems, environmental systems, and human-environment interactions
  • The ability to reason about geography
  • The ability to reason through decisions systematically

Geo Literacy for kids

.. whatever the case your systems should never be geo-illiterate..

What Next ?

Watch this space for the next series of Spatial Awareness

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