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New Strategic Partnership :: LITES

Published by zeguru on Jan. 26, 2016, 5:37 p.m. filed under Product Updates

The year 2015 brought a lot of unique opportunities and major changes to Software Elegance business landscape. These strong winds of change helped us close out 2015 with a bang, and it’s that same momentum that is going to take us to the next level in 2016 — both in terms of the growth acceleration and maturity of our innovative product line, as well as for Partners as they emerge and grow in each of these spaces.

Looking forward, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this is the same trajectory that technology is following in 2016. CEOs and administrators, across the board, are actively looking for ways to streamline workloads, bullet-proof their systems and transform their entire organization to support Enterprise mobility.

While these create tremendous opportunities for building profitable businesses with our awesome solutions, we are entering into even more strategic partnerships, and our big bets for 2016 can be found in capitalizing on these initiatives.

From Software Elegance we want to share with our clients and friends our company’s new strategic partner in the name of Laser Infrastructure & Technology Solutions, passionately referred to as LITES.

In this we announce the following new solutions, designed to help current and future clients get the most out of their ICT investments. Some of the solutions in the pipeline include the following

  1. e Parking Solutions . Come to us and we will

  1. Commercial Solar solutions. Taking care of industrial electricity bills.

  1. Bulk document digitization. For projects that need massive document scanning;- in the range of hundreds of thousands of documents.

  2. Commercial solar solutions. Solar farms and renewable energy solutions.

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TEAMS - The Asset Management System, and Projects Too

Published by zeguru on Oct. 27, 2015, 12:17 p.m. filed under Product Updates

Another one from the house of elegance.

TEAMS is a web based project and asset management solution that integrates a workflow engine,
a mapping system, a document management system, Email & SMS notifications, reporting/analytics
module and a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) viewer !

Now you are in control of your projects....actually ahead of the guys on-site !
Everything, covered.

The look and feel

GIS Integration (GeoServer, Open Street Map, Yahoo Maps and Google maps)