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Fleet Tracking Solution | Internet Of Things

Published by zeguru on May 24, 2016, 12:37 p.m. filed under Product Updates

Definitions First,

"The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data" - Wikipedia.

Due to popular demand our Fleet Tracking Service - WapiWapi? is going online as a free service ! This is an IoT service that uses your smartphone as the primary sensor.
Arduino or Raspberry Pi integration is optional.

fleet tracking service was designed to use smartphones inorder to allow voluntary and  anonymous public participation in transport safety and to track moving assets. This is called #crowdsourcing and the technique has been proven worldwide for its power to generate valuable and actionable information.

Google is building self-driving cars, we are promoting safer, efficient and accountable transportation system, what about you ?

WapiWapi has several use cases...
  • Taking a Taxi (or boda) at night ? Worry not, just open the app, fill the taxi details and take the ride. Leaves a trace... just in case.    
  • Fleet Tracking. For transport companies - driver or any passenger on board runs the app and the control room (supervisor) can can follow the vehicles movement and speed, live from desktop !
  • Transport safety. Ever seen those PSV written 'Driven carefully ? ...' Do not call, run the app, fill the vehicle details and let their control room watch in real time. if they really care.
  • School trips: Your kid going to a school trip out of town? Let the driver or supervisor run the app and share the fleet number (reg no). Follow live
  • Use it the way you want
  • Warning: you will never get lost again
Dont be excited, remember to press the Arrival button after reaching at your destination otherwise the world will follow you to the bathroom !

Do not take our word for it. See for yourself and give it a try.

Front End available here
[volunteers, users, participants, drivers, passenger on board]

Back End is available here

[big brother is watching, live]

For private and customized backends contact us via Whatsapp 0736 869 175: and other contacts in our website.

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Simplest Web App Ever :: SmartBiz

Published by zeguru on March 28, 2016, 12:51 p.m. filed under Product Updates

SmartBiz sounds like a webapp but i consider it as one varsatile utility.

Think Swiss Army Knife for For SmartPhones

SmartBiz is super simple, super clean. It can be anything you want it to be;
  •   it comes as an open-ended transaction management tool for small businesses
  •   it can be a revenue tracker
  •   some use it as a a personal assistant
  •   petty cash manager
  •   a poor-man's payroll manager
  •   or even a diary !

At software elegance we use it as an activity/issue logger for field support staff !

If SmartBiz was hardware, it could fit in ur pocket, bend and also stretch as you wish.

The main philosophy is to "keep it simple but not simpler" !

Scan the QR Code to access the demo

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New Strategic Partnership :: LITES

Published by zeguru on Jan. 26, 2016, 5:37 p.m. filed under Product Updates

The year 2015 brought a lot of unique opportunities and major changes to Software Elegance business landscape. These strong winds of change helped us close out 2015 with a bang, and it’s that same momentum that is going to take us to the next level in 2016 — both in terms of the growth acceleration and maturity of our innovative product line, as well as for Partners as they emerge and grow in each of these spaces.

Looking forward, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this is the same trajectory that technology is following in 2016. CEOs and administrators, across the board, are actively looking for ways to streamline workloads, bullet-proof their systems and transform their entire organization to support Enterprise mobility.

While these create tremendous opportunities for building profitable businesses with our awesome solutions, we are entering into even more strategic partnerships, and our big bets for 2016 can be found in capitalizing on these initiatives.

From Software Elegance we want to share with our clients and friends our company’s new strategic partner in the name of Laser Infrastructure & Technology Solutions, passionately referred to as LITES.

In this we announce the following new solutions, designed to help current and future clients get the most out of their ICT investments. Some of the solutions in the pipeline include the following

  1. e Parking Solutions . Come to us and we will

  1. Commercial Solar solutions. Taking care of industrial electricity bills.

  1. Bulk document digitization. For projects that need massive document scanning;- in the range of hundreds of thousands of documents.

  2. Commercial solar solutions. Solar farms and renewable energy solutions.

Yes, this is what we do:- always in the lead, constantly challenging the status quo

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Technical Interns - Interview Questionaire

Published by zeguru on Nov. 3, 2015, 12:15 p.m. filed under ICT Trends

Hello our future employee,

Welcome and experience the current recruitment style. stress free.

This is THE questionnaire used to evaluate technical interns - software development. Yes it is.
We do this on purpose. We want to get the best out of you, by showing you what to research on and what is of interest to us. The other qualities will of course come out 'naturaly', we dont need to ask you brainteasers !

Before we give you the questionaire, let us remind you that we are generaly more interested in your opinion on the matters raised, you could be wrong but it is not a big deal to us.

We just want to be sure you have read and understood the question.

We wont ask you, but as a developer at Software Elegance you are expected to at least:-
1. enjoy coding
2. take technical challenges positively
3. learn something new, everyday


Now the Questionaire,

Based on your research, experience or otherwise give your opinion on each of the following.

1. Programming Languages
  Strengths (and weaknesses if any) of :-
  a. Java
  b. Python
  c. PHP
  d. plus your favorite if its not listed above


  What is the need for each of the following in a Database:-
  a. Table
  b. View
  c. Function
  e. Trigger

HINT: Give a good example of each to stand out from the rest

3. Markup
  Whats is common about the following ? and what are the typical areas of application ?
  a. XML
  b. XHTML
  c. HTML
HINT: these are critical to us especially the first two

4. Software Elegance
  a. List three products from Software Elegance
  At Software Elegance we have the following main development frameworks
    a. OpenSesame (mainly Desktop and Applet solutions, typically system back-ends). Stable & Mature
    b. PrimeTime (A JSF framework using Primefaces Component Suite). Mature, bleeding edge
    c. PyFramework (A python web framework using bootstrap and running in django framework). Alpha

What kind of project would you use for each ? why ?

HINT: these are the actual frameworks you will be using, be ready

5. In what cases is each of the following needed
    a. SQL Developer
    b. pgAdmin,
    c. FileZila,
    d. gFTP,
    e. SSH
    f. Notepad ++

HINT: noticed the absence of IDEs ?

6. Give a short description of the following based on your own research and googling ;-)
  a. Tomcat Application Server
  b. nGinx server
  b. Apache Server
  b. Django Web framework
  c. JBoss application server
7. Are you aware of NoSQL databases ?
Name two and give a short description of each

HINT: we like MongoDB

8. Are you ready to use GIT or Mercurial for source code control ?
HINT: just psycological preparation

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TEAMS - The Asset Management System, and Projects Too

Published by zeguru on Oct. 27, 2015, 12:17 p.m. filed under Product Updates

Another one from the house of elegance.

TEAMS is a web based project and asset management solution that integrates a workflow engine,
a mapping system, a document management system, Email & SMS notifications, reporting/analytics
module and a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) viewer !

Now you are in control of your projects....actually ahead of the guys on-site !
Everything, covered.

The look and feel